Vitamins and Minerals Essential for Restoring Healthy Hair and Nails


Consuming vitamins and minerals are important for those with hypothyroidism. They can help you to keep healthier hair and nails. While they can be obtained in pill form, your body may find the natural form easier to absorb. Here are a few important vitamins and the food sources for each of them.

1. B7
•Vegetables—These include green peas, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and green and leafy vegetables like spinach.
•Fruits—Those containing biotin which include bananas, avocados, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, and grapefruit. Biotin can be depleted when cooked, so eat them raw if possible.
•Nuts—Almonds, pecans, peanuts and walnuts are good.
•Grains—The main grains would include oats, soybeans, wheat germ, lentils, split peas, bran, and unpolished brown rice.
•Meat and fish—Meats such as beef and chicken as well as fish such as salmon, sardines, haddock, and tuna are among the best sources.
•Eggs and dairy—If you’ve been eating egg white sandwiches, you’re eating the wrong part. Egg yolks are one of the best sources of biotin. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt contain reasonable amounts of biotin.

2. B-12
•Seafoods—These are rich in B-12 and a single serving will give you the daily required amount. They include sardines, salmon, tuna, cod, scallops and shrimp.
•Meats—One serving of beef or lamb will give you half your daily requirement.
•Dairy or Poultry—One serving of either of these will give you 1/4-1/3 the daily required amount.

3. A
•Sweet potato—A cooked sweet potato will give a great deal more vitamin A than a raw one.
•Carrots—A cooked carrot will give you a small amount more than a raw carrot.
•Dark Leafy Greens—The top source is cooked kale. Other sources are spinach, collards, turnip greens, dandelion greens, beet greens and turnip greens.
•Squash—Butternut squash has the highest amount, but others include Hubbard, pumpkin, and all varieties of winter squash.
•Lettuce—Cos or Romaine are at the top of the list, but others include red leaf, green leaf, butter head and chicory.
•Dried fruits—Apricots give you the highest amount, but dried prunes and peaches give significant amounts as well.
•Cantaloupe melon
•Peppers—Sweet red give the most. Others include sweet green and sweet yellow.
•Seafood—These include tuna, mackerel, sturgeon, and oysters.
•Tropical Fruit—All tropical fruits have it, but mangos have the highest amount.

4. E
•Sunflower seeds
•Nuts—Both almonds and peanuts
•Greens—Spinach, turnip greens, beef greens and mustard greens all contain vitamin E.
•Swiss Chard

5. Zinc
•Seeds–Pumpkin must be eaten raw because roasting may deplete zinc intake. Sesame and squash can be eaten anyway. Watermelon seeds if dried.
•Dark Chocolate—100 grams of unsweetened dark chocolate can have up to 9.6 mg of zinc.
•Garlic—Has moderate amounts of zinc
•Wheat Germ
•Chic peas

6. MSM
•Cow’s milk
•Swiss chard
•Alfalfa sprouts
•Vegetables including corn
•Fruits—These include apples and raspberries
•Whole grains

Almost everyone wants healthy skin and nails. If you suffer from hypothyroidism, a healthy diet including the above-mentioned foods is a great way to start.