Underactive thyroid – the road to recovery……

Surgeon checking pacient neck before surgical operation Most people look for the latest diet, supplement or fitness craze to help them lose weight and reach their health goals. There certainly isn’t a shortage of these out there in the market place, and yet many people are still unhealthy, overweight and unfit. Is it that these program or potions don’t work (in some cases, be very wary) however if it a person can follow it long term they will lose weight, this does not however mean that they will be healthy! But more importantly what are the missing pieces of the puzzle that mean that most of the population struggle to make any changes to their habits to create the health they want. A very big part of this puzzle is the psychology or mindset of the individual. I believe that in fact this is the most important part of the puzzle. The way you think and fell is going to be at least 50% of your journey to recovery, health, energy, a slim, trim body and glowing youthful appearance.

My theory works on the idea that about 50% of your successful journey will come from your mindset. Another 25% from Nutrition and Exercise and the other 25% from ensuring that your body and its organs are working correctly (for example your thyroid hormone conversion and adrenals). Once we can create a balance of this, dramatic results will follow. And most importantly it is easy to maintain or continually improve them.

Most of what we are taught for health and wellness purely focus’ on learning about nutrition or exercise. While it is a vital part of the equation to be educated about the best foods and exercise to support your best health it is very difficult to implement these if you feel tired, angry, stressed, anxious, depressed, fat, bloated, ugly, worthless, lazy, overwhelmed or sick. I’m sure you’ve all been in this situation, you find a new diet, you follow it perfectly for 3-7 days, you then have a few stressful days. You might have problems at work, relationship dramas, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, feeling sick, depressed, etc. All of a sudden you can’t control your cravings for sugar and fat laden foods, caffeine and maybe even alcohol to give you a boost and some comfort. Then you feel guilty for breaking your diet, which leads an increase in stress and a vicious cycle begins (again!). This is not only a recipe for gaining weight and increasing symptoms of hypothyroidism, but also for unhappiness, depression and anxiety.

I know this was the case for me. I cycled for many, many years beating myself up for my failures and finding every reason outside myself to blame. That was until I changed my mindset. I was really lucky that I already had the knowledge on nutrition, supplements and exercise that gave me a massive headstart, but none of that was truly effective until I really understood how to put it into practise.

The Thyroid Wellness Plan should not be been seen simply as a diet. My aim is to help you create healthy longterm habits that will help you reach your health potential in both how you look and feel. Lasting change comes from a change in mindset that inturn creates a change in our choices, actions and lifestyle.

Your mindset or psychology is what sets any of your actions in motion. If you are happy, content, relaxed and positive about your future you are more likely to make better choices towards your health than if you feel tired, depressed and lonely. Same with exercise, if you feel fat and uncomfortable just getting those tight workout clothes on and going out in public can seem overwhelming. This is such a big struggle for those with underactive thyroid as the symptoms make our choices worse and then our psychology creates a double whammy, as feeling crappy, fat, depressed and anxious are all signs of an underactive thyroid.

I remember hearing the way that most of us follow a diet described as a pressure cooker. People become willing to take action once they are in enough pain and discomfort. For example if they are feeling fat and overweight they’ll go on a diet, but there focus is on how bad they are feeling about their weight. They may get some results but once they don’t feel as uncomfortable about their weight anymore they want to start to “feel” good so they go back to their old comfort foods and sedentary lifestyle because the “healthy way of life” does not yet have those strong positive attachments. To be “healthy “ to most of us means to be on a diet and be without so it has instead a very negative emotion so why would you want to stay in that state. This is why it is so important not only to acknowledge that this is not a diet but a means to great health both inside and out. We will be looking at how we can turn this in to a very positive experience.
When looking at thyroid health, stress is one of the biggest contributors to preventing recovery. So it is vital that for any program or lifestyle change you do not react as the pressure cooker above but that you create an experience where you are infact lowering stress.

Most people think of stress as what we are getting from our environment. Such as bills to pay, deadlines to meet, sitting in traffic, etc. However have you ever noticed that what stress’s you out doesn’t affect someone else in the slightest. It comes down entirely too how you are reacting to your environment, what you are thinking and feeling. Of which you have complete control. This may come as a surprise to many people but even when it seems like the world is closing in around you, you get to choose the level of stress in your life even if nothing else around you changes. The way that you do this is two fold, firstly just stopping, accessing the situation, taking a deep breath and ask yourself is this really worth all you precious energy?? Secondly, you must start to repair your body on a physical level, so that you are in a better position for your body to be less reactive to stress. This includes better nutrition, balanced exercise and finding out if you have any underlying issues with your thyroid health.