Sushi Wraps with Tuna and Alfalfa

Sushi Wraps with Tuna and Alfalfa


3 sheets nori
85 g (3 ounces) tuna canned in springwater, drained
1 cup alfalfa
½ medium carrot, cut into thin strips
½ cucumber, peeled and cut into thin strips
½ red or yellow capsicum, cut into thin strips
½ avocado sliced

Dipping sauce:
¼ red chilli, finely diced, seeds removed
Juice ¼ lime, or lemon
1 tsp miso paste
¼ cup warm water

Tip. If you are taking this to work I recommend taking all the ingredients with you and assembling just before you eat.
1. Place the nori on a plate or cutting board.
2. Layer the tuna, alfalfa, carrot, cucumber, avocado and capsicum on the sheet or nori. Evenly layer the contents over the first ¾ of the sheet, leaving the last 3 cms (approximately 1 inch) empty at the end farthest away.
3. Wet fingertips and begin to roll the nori.
4. Seal the end of the nori with a tiny bit of water (from fingers).
5. Slice evenly into 6 pieces and serve immediately with the dipping sauce.


Dipping sauce: place all ingredients in a jar and shake well. Dip the individual sushi piece in as you are eating them.