How I went from a fatigued, depressed mess to running a fun run and feeling incredible!

RunNormally my blogs are very nutrition and science based but today I wanted to share something different with you.

I am currently training for a very famous fun run that’s held in Sydney every year!

That might not seem like a major event for many people but, today as I was reaching the end of the 11 km preparation training run, I felt fantastic. Not only because I had done the run and was still standing (in fact I felt so good I could have kept going). More importantly I felt amazing because I had a thought. A thought about just how far I have come in the last 5 years.

Only 5 years ago if someone had of told me that I would be able to run for 14 kms I would have just laughed. Let alone if they told me I’d be doing it for fun! This time 5 years ago I was in the depths of my underactive thyroid symptoms. I was unbearably fatigued, constantly aching all over, constipated, depressed and miserable. At the time I was dancing as a job, I used to go to my gigs, perform for 20 mins with a smile on, walk off stage and virtually collapse, then spend the next 5-6 days trying to recover before having to do it all over again.

What’s worse is that at the time I had been to see many doctors and specialist but had found no real answers. This made me feel like it was just because I was lazy and unfit (this lead to even greater depths of depression). However from where I sit today I know 100% that I gave everything I could, but body just couldn’t produce energy properly. For those of you that are in this position now I understand. When you try to explain to someone that you’re fatigued most people assume it’s just like feeling tired, it’s not even close! I’m sure it’s this misconception that has people believe that it is simply being lazy.

It has taken a long time and the journey was not easy, but I am now the complete opposite of where I was back then. I love to exercise! It makes me feel energised and healthy and I have no extended downtime or crazy recovery period. Today I can go for a 1 hour plus run and still get up the next day without any sores, aches or pain and no drop in energy levels. My appetite has regulated and I just don’t crave the crap stuff everyday (but the best part is I can enjoy some fun stuff once or twice a week but with that I feel satisfied). I have a stable mood and energy levels, even though I am running around after 2 little kids, running a busy practise, contracting to vitamin companies, exercising daily (and training for a fun run) and having a social life. I finally feel like I have it ‘all’ and I can deal with it ‘all’ like every normal person would. It’s not always easy but I have plenty of energy to get me through the day (and sometimes night). I now actually know what just “feeling tired” is, compared to fatigued. I no longer have any digestive issues, and my skin is glowing. Plus to top it off I’ve lost close to 20kgs.

As I said before this didn’t happen overnight. It took lots of trial and error and the weight came off slowly over time, but I feel that this has been the main reason why I not only lost weight but am also so much healthier than I ever thought I would be again.

Everything that I learned over my long journey is in the Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle Program, if you haven’t already, check it out and find out for yourself if you too could one day be training for a “fun” run.