Got Thyroid Problems? Then Relax!

Blog 6Dear Ladies,

“Take a load off!” “Take it easy!” “Take a chill pill!” Whatever you prefer to hear, just relax! As a woman, you have the task of taking on daily stress. From working a strenuous job for 8 hours per day to attending to your kids every need, stress is never far away. Stress is one of the main factors that cause women to develop underactive thyroid symptoms. Nonetheless, you have the power to “relax” your stress. Relaxation is the key to not only alleviating stress, but reducing underactive thyroid symptoms and living a better quality of life as well.

Here are 10 ways that will help you relax:


  1. Practice yoga

There isn’t a better way to be physically active and relax simultaneously thanpracticing yoga. In addition to relaxation, yoga will improve your flexibility, ability to lose weight and muscle tone. Since yoga can be practically performed anywhere, take your yoga mat with you just in case stress decides to rear its ugly head!

  1. Take a walk

Walking is probably the best way to relax. In addition, walking helps other important health factors such as elevating mood and weight loss.Regardless of your age, walking is afundamental activity you should always partake in. Walking is a very flexible in that it can be done under any setting. So rather if you walk on the beach or around your block, walking can be done!


  1. Chew your food slowly

When beginning a thyroid diet or any other low-calorie diet, it can be easy to eat fast due to extreme hunger. Nonetheless, chew your food slowly is the way to go, especially in terms of relaxation. Also, by chewing your food slowly, you allow your body more time to signal fullness; therefore, you will eat less in which leads towards weight loss. If that don’t make you pick up the fork more slowly, then I have no clue what will.


  1. Mediate

“Ommmm!” Mediation is a great way to relax. This is the time when you get to reflect on the day or week that you had or about to embark on. Also, mediation helps you gain mental clarity. You only need a few minutes of quiet, alone time to successfully mediate. Just relax, close your eyes, take a deep breath and mediate!


  1. Listen to relaxing music

You like jazz? How about R & B? What about classical music? Start listening to whatever music that gets you in the mood of relaxation. With all the stresses of life, there is nothing better than hitting play on your mp3 player to subside it. Take walks or practice yoga while listening to your music to enhance the relaxation effect!


  1. Have a glass of wine

Better yet, have a glass of wine while listening to your soothing musical selection. While alcohol consumption per day isn’t the healthiest thing, drinking a glass of wine per day actually is. Don’t believe me? Well here are severalhealth benefits research studies have discovered about drinking 1 to 2 four-ounce glass of wine per day:

  • Adds years to your lifespan
  • Reduces risk of heart disease
  • Reduces risk of heart attack
  • Reduces risk of type-2 diabetes
  • Reduces risk of cataracts
  • Reduces risk of stroke
  • Reduces risk of colon cancer
  • Improves brain function

So if you been stressed lately, then have a glass of wine. Just not too much. J


  1. Be a kid again

Who said fun ended when you became an adult? Last I checked, you started as a kid so it is okay to have fun like one. Here some ways to relive your childhood:

  • Get on the swing set at the playground
  • Get on the slide at the playground
  • Have water balloon fights with family and/or friends
  • Play kid’s games such as “Duck, Duck goose” with family and/or friends
  • Play hide and go seek with your spouse J

If you get my drift, just play games you use to do as a kid. If this doesn’t relieve your stress, then I guess you’re meant to be a boring adult. J


  1. Get some sleep

Catch some zzz’s! Too many people put off sleep like seeing their annoying relative. If that is you, then it is time for a change! Getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night will allow your body & mind to properly function. Also, getting adequate sleep will boost your mood, aid in weight loss, reduce underactive thyroid symptoms and add years to your life. So if you are sleepy now, close the computer and get some rest…after reading the last two steps. J


  1. Sit outside

If you are a stay-at home mom or someone who is mostly indoors, then this relaxation step is dedicated to you! Sitting outside will help soothe your mind as you witness Mother Nature. Too many people take for granted the essence of life. It is a gift to be breathe fresh air and able to see and hear life. So if it is a sunny day outside, go out there and just look around. Pay attention to things such as birds chirping, squirrels racing and the wind whistling. Once you put things into perspective in how lucky you are to be living, you realize your stress isn’t worth stressing over.


  1. Take a hot shower or warm bubble bath

The last step is taking a warm, bubble bath or hot shower to relax. Cleansing your body also cleanses your mind as well. It helps bring balance to a hard day’s work. Also, it is a great time to put your mind at ease and think about….nothing! A nice hot shower or bubble bath allows your mind to be free. Kind of makes me want to take both right now. J


Those were the 10 ways to relax. So relax and use them. J