Got Thyroid Problems? Boost Your Metabolism!

Blog 2Dealing with underactive thyroid symptoms will wreak havoc on your metabolism. And if you have issues with your metabolism, then you know what means…WEIGHT GAIN!

Of course, unless you have aspirations to become a sumo wrestler, you don’t want that! Instead, let’s talk about a viable solution for you. What solution is that? What could help your ailing metabolism? Three words: Boost your metabolism! Now, if you’re saying “duh” to your computer screen right now, I understand. Nonetheless, you are reading this to learn how to boost your metabolism so it isn’t as logical as you think.

So how can you boost your metabolism? Well lady, let’s take a look at 4methods that will boost your metabolism in order to relieve your underactive thyroid symptoms.

1. Drink more ice cold water

There probably isn’t a more efficient (and cheaper) way to elevate your metabolism than drinking more ice cold water. In addition to that, drinking more water delivers a wealth of benefits to your body. The following are some of those benefits:

• Cleanses the toxins from your body
• Maintains stable body temperature
• Regulates appetite
• Revitalizes skin complexion
• Promotes weight loss
• Improves immune function
• Regulates digestive function
• Relieves headaches & migraines
• Elevates your mood
• It’s free! (Unless you like buying bottle water in which is still better than buying a Coke)

So with all those benefits (including boosting your metabolism) that water contains, why drink anything else?

2. Get some sleep

Every so-called “fitness guru” stresses about working out like there is no tomorrow to boost your metabolism, yet hardly mentions about the importance of sleep. Well let me tell you that if you want to get over your underactive thyroid symptoms and boost your metabolism, then catching some zzz’s is a must. Without doing so, you’re metabolism (and health) is bound to crash. Besides boosting your metabolism, let’s look at some other benefits of getting adequate rest.

• Improves your memory& learning skills
• Adds years to your life
• Reduces inflammation
• Reduces risk of chronic diseases (i.e., heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.)
• Improves mental clarity
• Improves attention span
• Improves ability to lose weight
• Alleviates stress
• Boost feelings of optimism
• Helps maintain a thyroid diet (i.e., decreases your craving for junk food)

It is recommended that you get at least 8 hours of sleep. If you’re unable to get 8 straight hours of sleep, start taking naps during the day. Do whatever it takes to get adequate sleep on a daily basis.

3. Train HIIT-style

Of course, we can’t talk about boosting your metabolism without exercise! The best training-style to perform to do so is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is a training style where you alternate periods of fast-pace exercise with low-intenserestintervals. For example, instead of the typical 30 minute jog or run, you perform intervals of about 10 to 30 seconds of fast-paced cardio (e.g., sprints, mountain climbers) followed by 20 seconds of slow to moderate-pace cardio (e.g. walking, jogging).

Besides boosting your metabolism, here are other benefits of performing HIIT:

• Time-efficient
• Can train practically anywhere
• Your metabolism stays elevated up to 48 hours post-training
• Burn more fat versus steady-state cardio (i.e., walking, jogging or running alone)
• Improve cardiovascular function
• Improve endurance levels
• Don’t need any workout equipment
• Builds muscle tone
• Strengthens muscle
• Helps preserve muscle mass while dieting
• Slows down aging process
• Eases stress
• Elevates happy mood
• Fun & challenging

As you can see, HIIT has a lot of benefits associated with it. This style of training far exceeds steady-state cardio. Combine HIIT with an effective thyroid diet to maximize metabolism-boosting benefits,

4. Eat lean protein

Need help losing weight? Eat more protein. Need to reach satiety while eating fewer calories? Eat more protein. Need to boost your metabolism? You guessed it…eat more protein! Including more protein in your diet is one of the great ways to kick start a healthy lifestyle. Here are 3meats that are certified high-quality lean protein choices that you can add to your thyroid diet.

1. Grilled Chicken

Good ole grilled chicken! Not only it is delicious, but it increases your metabolism with every bite (well not exactly every bite but you get my drift). America’s favorite meat (if you Google it, it actually is!), is packed with protein that your metabolism works twice has hard to breakdown the food.

2. Baked Fish

Ever heard of leptin? No. Well allow me to break it down to you in simple terms. Leptin is a hormone in your body that regulates your appetite and how you absorb and expend calories (i.e., your metabolism main function). High levels of leptin have been linked with a slow metabolism. A way to combat low levels of leptin is to increase your intake of fish. Research shows that oil found in fish such as salmon and tuna has been shown to reduce leptin levels and support your metabolism to burn foods more efficiently. So when you go to that nice, expensive restaurant, and order the Filet Mignon, know that you are doing your metabolism a favor!

3. Wild Turkey

The main attraction of Thanksgiving Day is great at boosting your metabolism as well! Since turkey is such a lean meat, not only does it provide adequate protein, but is also a low calorie food. So next Thanksgiving, when you are eating the amount of a small country, take comfort of knowing that it would be worse for your metabolism without turkey!

In conclusion, follow those 4 methods and you surely will boost your metabolism!