Fat vs. Sugar : Part 3- Fats and Sugar the dangerous combination

CheesecakeThe debates between whether it is fats or sugar that are leading to our weight and health problems have been debated back and forth for 40- 50 years now. There seems to be evidence of good and bad for both sides, so what is the answer. Call me crazy but I believe it’s a balanced diet of natural whole foods!

In the last 2 parts of this blog series we discussed the good and bad of fats and sugars in our diet and their effects on our thyroid health. If you didn’t see these make sure you check them out before reading further. Today I’ll help you bring it all together and show you what the real issues with our food choices are today and what is keeping you in a binge and craving mode.

A study conducted in a the University of Westminster, UK, found that if you give rats a formula of fats alone, they only ate the amount of calories they required to stay the same weight. The same thing happened when they were exclusively given a sugar solution. So when did they gain a significant amount of weight and start to develop health problems? It was when they were feed a solution of half fat and half sugar. Why? Firstly because it tastes so good it is hard to stop eating it. According to the researchers the rats where no longer eating to nourish and sustain their bodies they were triggering there hedonistic urges for enjoyment.

Some common mixture of fats and sugars include:

  • glazed doughnuts
  • cheesecake
  • ice cream
  • milk chocolate
  • cakes
  • biscuits
  • pasta carbonara
  • spaghetti Bolognese
  • bread and butter
  • buttery mashed potatoes
  • fruit and custard

I could go on and on with this list but I know you get the idea. You can probably look at most of this list and see foods that make your mouth water. There is probably at least one if not 4-5 on this list that you have overindulged in on one or many occasions. So let me tell you it is not your fault! This combination was designed to taste so good that it triggers the same response that drug addicts get from a hit. What can we do about it? The simple answer is to stop eating any foods that are a combination of fats and sugars. Unfortunately life is not always that simple! The best thing that you can do is to remove all processed foods from your diet. Since the introduction of processed foods (and there significant increase over the last 40 years) we have seen the rise in obesity and health conditions. This has been shown over and over as these foods are introduced to new societies (and the changes take place in only 1 generation). It is often blamed just on fast foods, but it is so important to look at what we consider a standard diet and the amounts of processed foods we consume daily. Processed foods have certainly made our lives easier and more convenient; they often store longer and reduce preparation time. However are loaded with fats, carbs and preservatives. This means we are more likely to overeat and suffer poor health as a result of the lower nutritional profile than fresh foods.

While it may seem daunting a first once you know how to correctly use fresh foods in your diet you will be surprised at how easy and delicious it can be. Plus the health benefits of feeling energised, healthy and slim without feeling deprived or suffering constant cravings will far out way the few minutes of preparation!

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