In addition to the types of thyroid disorders having overlapping symptoms, the symptoms also are symptoms of other conditions, so it can make thyroid disorders difficult to diagnose.

If you’re suffering from the symptoms such as: weight gain/loss, depression, chronic fatigue, hair/skin dryness, constipation/diarrhea, and irregular menstrual cycles, you should consult a medical professional to be sure what condition you’re dealing with before you begin taking herbs for treatment to be sure you take the proper herbs. For example, some herbs improve thyroid conditions overall. Some only benefit hyperthyroidism and may be harmful if you suffer from hypothyroidism while some benefit hypothyroidism and can be harmful to hyperthyroidism.

Traditional herbal medicine isn’t generally used to totally treat thyroid conditions. The herbs are considered a way to help decrease relapse rates, reduce adverse effects, help relieve symptoms and discomfort, and improve thyroid antibody conditions to help you obtain optimal thyroid functioning.

Here are a few herbs thought to help improve your thyroid function and help you to feel better:
• Echinacea—Helps to boost the immune system of those suffering from hyperthyroidism.

• Licorice—Helps maintain balance among glands and help those suffering from fatigue increase energy levels.

• Bugle—Research shows significant improvement of symptoms and effectiveness in alleviating mild hyperthyroidism.

• Ashwaganda—It has antioxidant properties that produce just the right amount of hormones to help work on the thyroid. It always helps fight stress and has anti-inflammatory effects which are great for the immune system.

• Bacopa—Research has found that this herb is potent as a thyroid stimulating drug. It helps reduce hypothyroidism and helps regulate the thyroid hormone concentration over 40% with no adverse effects.

• Eleuthero—This is thought to be a “wonder” herb and helps those suffering from both hyper and hypothyroidism. It helps to regulate levels of hormones in the body and helps assist normal functioning for both the thymus and adrenal glands.

• Bladderwrack—It contains high levels of natural iodine which is important to stimulating the thyroid. It helps restore optimal thyroid functioning and reduces the size of goiters.

• Flaxseed—This is known to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids known to be good for thyroid health. Research has shown it helps boost the production of thyroid hormones and reduces predisposition to hypothyroidism.

• Black Walnut—Like sea foods, black walnut is considered a good source of iodine. Iodine is imperative to optimal thyroid function and health. If a body lacks the sufficient amount of iodine, it can cause chronic fatigue, depression, goiters, and mental impairments.

• Lemon Balm—Research has shown this herb to be very helpful in normalizing overactive thyroid gland activities. It can reduce the production of thyroid hormones and help to ease hyperthyroidism symptoms.

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to thyroid treatment or even a boost for your immune system and thyroid gland, herbs can be a good option. Consult your physician and determine which herb, or combination of herbs, that is best for you. Then begin a course of treatment to help gain optimal thyroid health.