If you’re one who suffers from thyroid disorders and have tried all conventional treatment with little or no success, maybe naturopathic medicine is a good option for you.

Naturopathic medicine or naturopathy is a method of health care that focuses on prevention and self-healing by using natural methods. These doctors combine century-old knowledge and the philosophy that believes nature is the best healer with research information on health and human systems.

A naturopathic diagnosis will focus on identifying all the underlying causes of thyroid disease. The methods used by a naturopathic doctor include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical manipulation, and hydrotherapy. They focus on six principals. These include:
• First do no harm
• The healing power of nature
• Discover and treat the cause, not just the effect
• Treat the whole person
• The physician is the teacher
• Prevention is the best cure

If you don’t know the cause of your thyroid disorder, you aren’t alone. Many suffering from thyroid disorder don’t know the cause…they only know the symptoms or the effect the disease has on their body. With naturopathic medicine they see the importance of understanding the cause to treat the disease.

Conventional medicine uses treatments that are the same for thyroid disorders whether you have hypothyroidism or autoimmune hypothyroid. Naturopathic medicine has treatments that vary depending on what the cause of the hypothyroidism is. If it is caused by autoimmune thyroid, then they also treat the immune system. If it isn’t, then they use diet and nutrition to help thyroid function.

Naturopathic medicine uses many nutrients that have been found to boost thyroid function. These include selenium, zinc, iodine, and tyrosine. You probably don’t know that eating only two Brazil nuts each day can give you the right amount of selenium for optimal thyroid functioning. You may eat foods considered to be healthy foods like cabbage, broccoli, kale, etc., which actually inhibit thyroid hormone synthesis. If you suffer from hypothyroidism, These “healthy” foods should definitely be avoided raw. By cooking them, it contradicts inhibiting and they can be eaten.

In addition, you can boost your thyroid levels through diet. Adding iodine-rich foods such as seafood/sea vegetables, plain yogurt, strawberries, cranberries and unpeeled potatoes can naturally boost thyroid levels. Adding natural thyroid-enhancing supplements will work much better than over-the-counter daily vitamins to ensure you have optimal thyroid functioning.

These are just a few diet methods used by naturopathic doctors to improve your thyroid function. They go above and beyond conventional medicine to help reduce and/or alleviate those symptoms you may still be experiencing even though your lab work levels fall “within normal range.”

Another natural method is light exercise. Don’t worry, you won’t have to rush out and take gym membership. Simply taking a quick 20-30 minute walk a few times each week can stimulate your thyroid production naturally.

Prescription drugs can also have harmful side effects. These include heart palpitations, tremors, insomnia, frequent bowel movements, and anxiety. Over time, they can also cause osteoporosis. Naturalistic medicine helps you avoid these side effects than can often make you feel as bad as or even worse than the original symptoms.

As you can see, visiting a naturopath to help treat the underlying issues of your thyroid disorder can be a wise decision. You can treat your thyroid naturally and not only achieve your weight loss goals, but feel more energized than you’ve felt in a long time.