Benefits of Lemon Juice

Do you ever find that no matter how much water you drink you never really quench your thirst? Or do you just hate the taste of water? Forget all those nasty sports drink and vitamin waters. There is a simple answer that is very low in calories and may even encourage fat loss and detoxification by supporting the liver.

Many people do find that the more water they drink, the more the body responds by giving the feeling of thirst more accurately. This is great because you are more aware of your body’s natural signals. Dehydration is one of the most common causes of fatigue, headaches, constipation and has a significant impact on our ability to exercise well. So it would seem a simple answer to just drink more water. Unfortunately however for many of us our bodies are not great at using the water in the way it was intended, sometimes this means that the water just passes right through us. Many people tell me they don’t drink water because they are always rushing to the bathroom. Another problem can involve fluid retention.

This means that the fluid is not penetrating inside our cells were all the important functions take place. Instead it sits in the extracellular fluid and makes us feel puffy and bloated. There are a number of reasons for this, hormones being one. Most women will know this feeling a few days prior to a period. Hypothyroidism also creates this fluid imbalance and leads to a lot of fluid retention. The main mechanism in the body responsible for getting fluid into the cells and out of the extra cellular fluid is the sodium- potassium pump. For the body to send fluid into the cells and transport waste out it requires a balance of nutrients known as electrolytes. These include the key nutrients sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. If there is an imbalance the body will start to retain fluid and the cells will not function optimally. To us it means our energy levels drop, we feel puffy and bloated.

So what to do? We need to drink more water! Water helps flush fluid retention out of our system. I know this seems strange but it really is the best thing. The other important factor is the key electrolyte nutrients. Many people would be familiar with electrolyte or sports drinks, but these are also loaded with sugar and fructose and are not good for our health. Another great option is coconut water, in the program you will also learn the specific benefits coconuts have for thyroid health. But another option to help you get great health benefits is to add lemon juice.
I recommend that everyone start the day with the juice of ½ a lemon in hot water. Lemon is an acid/ alkaline balancer. It has long been used by naturopaths to assist the liver and gallblabber. The benefits of this mean that you start the day off by detoxing and assisting removal of any toxins that have been released overnight. For anyone with low thyroid function it is vital to work on detoxifying the liver as this is where the T4 hormone is converted to the active T3.

Another benefit of lemon juice supporting your liver and gallbladder is that it also supports your entire digestive system to properly breakdown and assimilate your foods. With better nutrient absorption you will suffer less bloating, gas and constipation as well as felling more energised and have glowing skin as these require you to absorb all the nutrients from your food. Another great benefit is that our liver is responsible for breaking down stored body fat. So if you’re on a weight reduction program it is vital to help the liver flush out fat and toxins for best results.

So enjoy your lemon and hot water when you first wake up, I find now that I get as much as a hit of energy as I used to from coffee. Use lemon during the day if you need an extra hit. Make sure to use it as a zesty low calorie dressing on salads and fish, to optimise your health.

The extra benefits are:

– Less fluid retention
– Reduced bloating and gas
– Better absorption of nutrients from food, leading to increased energy, glowing skin and hair