About Sally


Thyroid Wellness is a program born from many years of sweat and tears. It is based on both my personal experience and my work helping clients get their health—and their lives—back. And I’m very proud to say the program is highly successful; my clients have experienced increased energy, better digestion, fewer aches and pains, improved mood and memory, balanced hormones, weight loss—and get glowing skin and hair in the bargain!

Why I’m So Passionate About This

I was a professional dancer and studying to be a naturopath when I suddenly got sick.

I was only 24 and very active, yet I was overwhelmingly fatigued, bloated, and constipated. I developed eczema and quickly gained weight. What was even worse was that I was moody and started having crippling anxiety attacks. My life went from being very fun and exciting to a complete struggle.

And no one could help.

It still amazes me how many doctors either blew me off or prescribed medication to treat the symptoms without knowing the cause! So I started researching on my own, thinking it was chronic fatigue syndrome. But nothing I tried helped. I was feeling worse, and I was frustrated and depressed. This wasn’t how I wanted to live my life!

The "Miracle Cure" That Wasn’t

Finally a doctor took me seriously and ran a blood test to check my thyroid hormones—my numbers were off the charts. An answer! A cure! Unfortunately, my thyroid medication didn’t bring about the miracle I’d hoped for. I was wired and exhausted at the same time, and most of my other symptoms just got worse, even though my blood test results showed I was now in the "normal" range.

How I Finally Got My Life Back

Since I had been studying naturopathy (treating illnesses through natural means) I decided to take my health into my own hands. I thought I had been eating healthy foods (I worked in a health food store for goodness sake) but my research showed that I was eating all the wrong foods for thyroid health.

So I completely changed my diet. That simple change gave me my life back. Today I have two healthy, active boys that I’m able to keep up with (mostly). I don’t constantly get sick. I have loads of energy to do exercise and everything else I love. I find I can concentrate and focus and I no longer have problems with mood swings and anxiety. I’ve even reduced most of my cravings and have dropped the extra weight!

My Mission to Help Others

This program is something I HAD to create. I’d been through so much—feeling like I couldn’t get out of bed, doctors telling me I was crazy, and a sense of hopelessness… When I finally found the answer—the one thing that really worked—I couldn’t just keep it to myself. Other people needed help.

And that’s exactly what the Thyroid Wellness program is all about! I’ve developed a book,a course, and I now offer personal consultations that will guide you, step-by-step to better thyroid health and a better life. Please don’t continue to suffer— I promise you, this program really works!